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5 Tips You Probably Haven’t Done to Market your Poetry Book
By Mystqx Skye

In this day and age we are presented with a thousand ways to connect with readers. But the real deal is how to use these mediums and platforms that would work towards marketing your poetry book successfully. Effective marketing converts to meaningful sales and targeted valuable readers.   So how do we do it? Here are 5 tips that you probably haven’t done yet.

1. Market yourself strategically.
The keyword is to go personal even if you are just planting seeds everywhere. Admit it or not, poetry is like an independent language in an independent world. Most poetry writings have layers of meanings in it that readers enjoy to interpret. Thus, getting to know the author keeps the reader curious and connected. Everyone knows all the main social media and book platforms but aside from the usual stuffs of posting your work consider doing the following:

-When you find a group with your target audience in it – it is not enough to just post what you want them to see. The tip is to go in the feeds and interact with other posts while finding a way to connect your writings with the readers. That’s how readers gets to know you and your work in a personal level.

-After you’ve have gained followers and audience, posting your work and excerpts are no brainers. Interacting on a deeper level is a key point. Post something personal that still relates to your poetry book. For example, a picture of a place where you have been inspired, that coffee shop you so love to hang out where good ideas come from, the cool bookstore at your area, that trip you did with your book, etc.ffab.jpg

-Register on online platforms where authors can claim their “author page” and interact with readers. Aside from the usual (Amazon, Bookbub, etc.,) Goodreads is worth a mention. After owning your author profile, make sure to post quotes and excerpts from your book. Big readership count, interactive platform and free – it’s definitely worth investing your time on.

-Anywhere else you ask? You might be a poet and a writer but probably have other skills to show. How about trying to register your profile on sites that needs your expertise like Haro or Pitch Rate (links below). Consider giving speech at where ever you can share your talent (libraries, writer’s clubs, meet-up clubs, anywhere that welcomes speakers.) This may not directly point out to your book but this gives you a platform to get your name out there.

-Use business card. Cliché? Yes, but there are creative ways to do it. How about printing post cards or book marks using your book blurb, an excerpt, or book review as your design and leave it at different places. Restaurant bill? Library entrance? Coffeeshop magazine rack? Post office? Supermarket bulletin board? Changing room at your sports club? Hospital or clinics waiting areas. Let your imagination fly. Take a look at my sample postcard which I included in my book and have asked my friends around the globe to leave it around their areas. Hope this inspires you.


2. Market Your Poetry Book.
I’m sure you’ve heard of so many tips on how to do this but check out these creative ways to do it:

-Have heard of guesting on writing blogs or blogs related to your poetry theme? TV or radio guesting is too much for you? Then try Podcasting. Record yourself reading a few lines or verses of your poetry and find podcasters who will let you guest on their show. This is surely an interesting way for your readers to get to know your work.

-Join a contest. Some poetry contest allows authors to submit published writings. This will place your book on a very good advertising platform for free if not – for a very little fee (some contest may charge for submission) Book cover contests is also a great way to be exposed. The more people see visuals of your book, the more they will engage in what’s on it (links below).ffaa

-Join or create an anthology. This is one of the fastest and rewarding way to connect. Bringing people together exposes you exponentially. What to start it but no budget? Try crowdfunding for this one.

– You Tube and Podcast. Yes, you read it write. That audio file you used for podcasting can be used in your you tube feed.  Just edit it a bit, add some cool music and share the link everywhere. This will inspire readers to check more what your book is about. Watch my you tube channel as reference. I created a video for cover release, blurb, my podcast guesting, poetry reading etc.

3. Create Opportunities.
Unless you have saved your country in your previous life – consider luck as hard work. But creating opportunities is not all blood, toil tears and sweat. It can be fun too. Try the following:

-Plant seeds everywhere. Even if you have self-published already, try submitting it to interested press / publishing related companies, etc. (links below)

-Teach poetry. Find schools or libraries and join events where they do or hold teaching opportunities.

-Blog about your reviews. Make sure that you post or blog about the reviews you got and the reviews you do for others. This creates a wave of positivity to other interested readers. On the Ebook copy of my poetry book, I added a page at the end to remind the readers to leave a review. See below.


4. Extend the capabilities of your book

-Why not turn your writings into cool products. Etsy, Zazzle, and  are some online sites where you can use quotes or excerpts from your poetry and use it as products for sale.

-Look for a band, musician or singer who are interested to collaborate with a lyricists. Poetry is a good source for lyrics and I’m sure your poem has a potential for this. I’ll keep you posted when one of my poems is chosen for a song.

  1. Indirect channels are also an effective way to convert sales by using / advertising your skillset and your book together

-Write greeting cards or submit your poems to greeting card companies who pay for your writings (Links below)

-Create a Quora profile. This is something like Wikipedia but more interactive.  Though this is not the place to advertise your book directly, it’s a powerful resource for building authority and establishing yourself or your books. Use it to find relevant questions related to your skills or book genre and try giving answers while keeping in mind how it could relate or how your book can be of service.

Where to submit your writings?

Generating sales through a combination of your book and skills:

Other Links:!gallery/11/image/552/Bared%20FSB%20Cover

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